The bakery

A focal point of the festival, the Bakery will be home to some of the most influential and progressive bakers, farmers and millers in the world, hosting, talks, demonstrations, hands on workshops and screenings throughout the weekend.

The area will include a fully operational bakery, a grain store and stone mill, and a large seating area. Guests will be able to wander through, watch the bakers in action, get hands on experience with some of the industry’s leading bakers, and dip in and out of the many events taking place. 

Full schedule coming 1st July.


The Bakery is where everyone will head for breakfast in the mornings. Partnering with Natoora, we will be creating a Firepit Breakfast with a menu of naturally leavened flatbreads, grilled seasonal fruits, vegetables and cured meats.


Everyone involved in the festival will be challenging the norms of what has become established practice in the industry, and the Bakery will be looking specifically at how the baking industry, along with chefs, can adopt better practices by considering how grain is grown and processed, the impact on soil, nutrition, environment, health and favour.

“I believe wholeheartedly in collaboration and the sharing of knowledge, and am inspired on a daily basis by the momentum of this incredible industry. PX+ is bringing a community of like-minded thinkers and do-ers together, to take time to celebrate all that is already happening, and to challenge our thoughts and plans for the coming months and years ahead". 




Pastry chef Louise has worked at some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants and bakeries, including Tartine in San Francisco and Noma in Copenhagen. She is passionate about working with heritage grains, and will be baking and hosting workshops on both Saturday and Sunday, baking in her very unique style.


Graison is the owner of Bellegarde Bakery in New Orleans and is committed to flavour, craftsmanship and traditional methods of breadmaking, freshly milling flour for each day’s bake. Graison will be hosting milling workshops and baking with freshly milled flour every day, demonstrating the craft’s primary elements of fire, water and fermentation.


Fintan works as an organic grain farmer and flour miller in Denmark, specialising in heritage grains. He is working to resurrect many ancient varieties of wheat and will talk at the festival about his research and the importance of heritage grains, as well as the process that starts with sourcing  seeds through to breeding enough for farms to grow crops.


Kimberly is the founder of Small Food Bakery in Nottingham. During the festival she will be baking with a whole farm ethos and also sharing stories and learnings from her ongoing project, Shorten The Food Chain, a socio-economic study and experiment looking at the impact a food manufacturing business has on its supply chain.


A former Michelin-starred chef, Paul opened his first bakery in London in 2003. He uses traditional baking techniques to produce some of the best naturally leavened bread in the capital. At the festival Paul will be sharing his experience of challenging the norms of the London wholesale bakery scene.


E5 is an independent organic bakery in a railway arch in East London. On a mission to use only British grown wheat, provenance and farming methods are very close to every naturally leavened loaf.


A family farming business in Northumberland, Gilchesters are pioneers in reintroducing old cereal varieties into the UK’s organic agriculture.


Abi is an arable farmer, cook and botanical explorer based in Greater London. She co-runs The Sustainable Food Story, dining experiences connecting guests to the origins of their food.


Currently baking at Brick House Bakery in London, the talented Em Hart has recently moved to the UK following her role as Head Baker of the renowned Tivoli Road Bakery in Melbourne. 


French baker and pastry chef, Gregoire is driven by his passion of slow fermentation and locally sourced grain. Having baked for Pierre Koffman,  E5 Bakehouse, Little Bread Pedlar, Paroles de Pain, Michel Galoyer and Zeally Bay Sourdough, he is now heading up craft baking at Paul Rhodes Bakery, London. 


Passionate baker Matteo of the incredible Wild Hearth Bakery will be joining us to share his expertise and experiences of wood fired baking in Comrie, Scotland.


Everything in this world ferments! In her work, Kathe Kazcmazyk aims at providing us humans with the means and resources to become comfortable with the teeming, ever vast bacterial world around us. It is by merging our various histories that we create an acknowledgement of the pasts that have brought us to our present. Bacteria, in all its forms, plays a crucial – and central – role in this development. Kathe believes in the link between today's food and that of our ancient traditions. The result of this amalgamation is a myriad of ever-adapting-changing-developing-dissolving yet resolving food "cultures" that we all live within. (Re)defining fermentation across the board, Kathe’s mission is to help us form a better understanding of ourselves; where we come from and where we are going. Only then can we start seeing a world much larger than ourselves. A past student of Sandor Katz’s, Kathe spends her time educating in fermentation and experimenting with various fermentation processes. Always keeping things fresh and keeping them funky.