A sixth generation family farm, Duchess Farms has seen many changes over time, from its origins as a dairy farm to today, producing award-winning rapeseed oil.

The farm started to produce Duchess Oil in 2012, and because he was so confident of its quality, Oscar Harding, who runs and owns the farm, decided to shorten the food chain, cut out the middleman, and take the oil to the restaurants and chefs he wanted to work with himself. Often arriving unannounced, the plan was a success. Chefs were pleased to meet the producer, curious about the oil’s provenance and impressed by the quality. Nowadays, chefs often visit the farm to learn how the oil is made.

PX+ is proud to partner with Duchess Farms to host the first UK festival dedicated to the hospitality industry.

Both PX+ and Duchess Farms share an obsession with knowing where our food comes from and

whose hands it has passed through before it gets to the plate. This includes everything from sustainable

farming practices, traditional and modern production and cooking techniques,

to building strong relationships with chefs and restaurants.


A first press naturally filtered oil with an extraction rate of around 40% (as opposed to mass produced oils at 90%), the production process is slow, unhurried – the oil is left to settle naturally for 60 days, and, as it’s made to order, there is no sitting on shelves.

In the Spring of 2017 Duchess Oil took part in the acclaimed wastED at Selfridges pop-up, brought to London by Dan Barber and Adam Kaye, which highlighted the excessive amount of waste in the food industry and how clever and creative thinking could reverse the trend.


“Hosting PX+ Festival is a perfect fit for us. Obviously we will have amazing access to some of the world’s top chefs, growers and producers. But we also want to be at the heart of this new movement for change – our business shows that sustainability works, that it can be both ethically and financially beneficial. The weekend will be an opportunity to discuss possibilities with all the right people.”