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Meet Creative Makers

A carefully selected line up of Makers who highlight the many talents that go into creating a unique restaurant. 

Daily Workshops

There’s so much more to a restaurant than food and drinks: learn about craftsmanship and get your hands dirty with the Makers Workshops, tickets here.

Unique Creations to take home

One off pieces, knives, tableware, ceramics, signwriting and more, take unique pieces home for hospitable prices. 


Valentine Benoist, ceramics, makers, my hungry valentine, writer, journalist, Le Fooding

Food writer Valentine Benoist is the founder of independent London restaurant guide My Hungry Valentine and author of À Tables London. My Hungry Valentine will present their first ceramics collection featuring graphic lines, raw texture et vibrant shades, all handmade by Valentine in East London. 


workshop, metalwork, knife, knives, forge, Blenheim forge, Peckham, railway arch, chefs knives

Based in Peckham, Blenheim Forge is the steel workshop of blade-smiths Jon Warshawsky, James Ross-Harris and Richard Warner, in which they create hand-forged quality kitchen knives in Arch 229 Blenheim Grove; a railway arch with a long history of metalwork artistry.


leather, tableware, restaurants, cutlery, holder, leather work, British brands,

Created by Nika Mokhtassi in 2017, Paradise Row is an emerging British leather goods brand and one of only few British brands to actually produce in London. Its once a year collection draws inspiration from and celebrates different aspects of society, psychology, culture and the arts. Nika creates bespoke leather goods for the hospitality industry.


furniture, makers, leather work, chairs, table, restaurants, hospitality

Strongly grounded in sustainability using leatherwork in the place of plastics and resins, Tortie Hoare delivers luxury furniture and lighting for restaurants, hotels and private residences. Each year thousands of deer pelts are discarded from the venison supplied to restaurants in the UK. Saving the pelts from going to waste creates a synergy between sustenance and furniture, providing both responsible and beautiful pieces with a unique organic twist.


Joshua Harris – AKA The A Board Dude – currently resides in London and often meander its busy streets on the hunt for a-boards, bare walls and food stalls. The rest of his time, he creates bespoke lettering pieces, brand identities for independent businesses and sells pocket-size goods in my store. Self-taught in both sign writing and lettering, he dreams about travelling the world selling his art, teaching others his craft and painting big ass murals in his favourite cities.


cards, greetings cards, hospitality, rude, humour, birthday cards, festival, chefs, dirty humour

George William Browning Rose has an odd sense of humor and is aware of this. Making cards isn't something he wanted to do as soon as he canoned out of his mother. He once trained as a chef. One thing has lead to another and this is where he is now. They're cards. Try not to take them too seriously. He has fun whilst making them, the mission is to put a smile on your faces, nothing else.   

George The Carmaker. 


A designer specialising in the use of natural and waste materials. Hazel Stark creates botanical dyes. She works within the principles of the circular economy to produce colour and textiles for a more responsible future of material production. 


Founded by Sarah Lo, WHET is a roaming bookshop specialising 

in food literature

For PX+ Festival Sarah will host a spot-on selection of beautiful books and independent magazines.


Whole Grain Homes is a project of father and daughter living more than 1,500 miles apart. Stasys lives on a Baltic sea cost in West Lithuania and Violet lives in South Oxfordshire in the UK. Stasys spends his days carving wooden spoons. Whole Grain Homes has become a way of life for them, fulfilling their ideals to be ecological and sustainable while supplying beautiful hand-crafted items to people who love them.