Balance for a hectic hospitality lifestyle

Escape to the festival’s Rest and Rejuvenate space to pause for a while.

The focus of this quiet area will be on rebalancing and recognising the lifestyle changes you can make to create more calm and more energy.

The space will be a holistic mind and body health experience, with experts across a range of disciplines, including nutrition, yoga, counselling and meditation, so you can find advice and tools to balance a hectic hospitality lifestyle.

Stretch it out at a yoga class, chat to our resident nutritionist, listen to a talk, or grab 40 winks in our peaceful, cosy and warm nap area.

And, as this is a hospitality festival, there will of course be delicious and health-giving drinks and snacks available.

Daily classes and sessions include;



DR VENITA PATEL our expert nutritionist 

DR SHALINI FERNANDO our resident doctor




And plenty more…

Tickets bookable in advance here, some classes and treatments will be on bookable on the day.



Camilla is a vinyasa yoga teacher based in Zürich; Switzerland. Camilla completed an anusara-inspired vinyasa teaching training with Leila Sadeghee and Bridget Luff last year. Camilla believes that yoga is a practice that can be tailored to act as a unique kind of medicine for everyone; be it finding stillness, wringing out life's stresses and tensions, or focusing on biomechanics to help heal strains and injuries.


Johnny Harris has over 18 years experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and sports therapist. In 2013 he founded his own tea company @myadeptio with the aim of creating loose-leaf tea specifically for the fitness market. He will discuss what a healthy lifestyle entails and look at the most important pillars of wellbeing; Fitness, Nutrition, Sleep, Energy and Mental Health.


We were enthralled with Dr Shalini Fernando’s stories and outlook on life. ‘My day job as an Oncologist is one that I enjoy and I feel it is a privilege to do what I do. However, I face many challenges daily and my job has given me a unique perspective on life. I’m looking forward to sharing how that perspective has helped me find a decent work life balance’. Join her for aptly named ‘Life, Death and Tempura’.


Amanda discovered the healing remedy of slow crafts during a low point in her health. She began to explore the power of mindfulness and grounding self-care rituals to help navigate her life with a chronic illness. She set up Head & Hands, a curated store of goods for self-care and workshop programme promoting the simple act of slowing down.


Beauty Therapist Emma has a real passion for massage and facials, making people feel good but also taking care of the body from the inside. Emma uses a wonderful variety of products and specialises in Jane Iredale makeup which is not only beneficial to the skin as it’s all mineral based but alo creates a beautiful finish from natural to camouflage coverage. 


Harriet has been a keen sportswoman her entire life.  After discovering yoga a number of years ago, it quickly became her passion and she progressed to complete her training and become a qualified vinyasa flow yoga teacher under the guidance of Sarah Thompson and Julie Montagu. Harriet teaches a fun, dynamic and challenging class with creative sequencing to music.


Joseph Burke joins PX+ to share his counselling, mentoring and support with anyone who wants to chat. Joseph worked within the Statutory and Voluntary Care Sector for over four decades in Psychiatric Hospitals, Social Services, and Community Projects.

He has experience counselling and supporting individuals with a Mental Health Diagnosis, Physical and Psychological Disabilities, HIV/Aids, Terminal Illness, Bereavement, Substance Misuse, Addiction, Physical, and Emotional Abuse as well as the erosion from the everyday friction of living awkwardly. 

Joseph is a Founder member of River House HIV/Aids Centre in Hammersmith, The Meeting Place in Fulham, and Trustee on the Board of a variety of Community Drugs & Alcohol Projects, as well as Advisor, Consultant in Project Development.


Venita is an experienced medical doctor with a lifelong interest in nutrition. She has also trained in Nutritional Therapy and runs her own 'Health Via Nutrition' private clinics. Venita will be offering a limited number of short 15 minute, nutrition consultation appointments after her talks on Sunday from 12.15-1.15pm and for anyone that might be interested in getting more of an insight into their personal nutrition and health.


Professor Hiten Patel is an expert in the field of Urology and Men’s Health. He is a UK trained surgeon who offers both general and specialist urological care. He offers diagnostic and treatment options for prostate cancer using the latest in MRI and Robotic Technology. He also provides a comprehensive opinion on Men’s Health with access to a team of experts offering gold standard care.


Anna's spiritual journey started back in 2014 when she went to Thailand for the first time and learned about meditation and Buddhism. Anna travelled around Asia for 4 years, training in various holistic healing and meditation. She lived with a Japanese family in Kyoto, training in Japanese healing Jyorei, to traditional mantra training in New Delhi, India. Anna also trained in Tai Chi. All of this lead Anna to start her own business; Myalo Wellbeing, back home in London. 


Rosie Cheeks Massage offers private and corporate massage to clientele ranging from well and able to the vulnerable  - recently taking her to Istanbul to work with Syrian refugees. Using deep tissue pressure techniques, Rosie Cheeks Massage aims to ease pain and give joy in mind-body strength. The quest is to enable people to become agents of their own change - an Osteopathic intention aligning to her study of Perception, Neuroscience and Pain.


Founded in 2017 in Shoredtich, named after a great Dane and built upon 6 generations of textile expertise, IBEN+CYCLE make fabulous cycle socks. Innovation, local skills and natural materials are at the heart of everything they make. Working with clubs, teams and brands all over the world, they’re changing the way cycle socks are made and what they are made from.


Athena turned to yoga in her twenties when working in the fashion industry, as means of calming and grounding herself. Her style is fuelled by her belief in drawing on the cosmic energy of the universe to manifest dreams into reality and create inner peace. 

Athena resides in London and has a renowned fashion brand but when not designing or running her business, you will find her on her mat practising yoga or meditating.